Groanworthy Jokes and 3 Minute Haikus.

Hello, Blog.

I looked back over the past couple of weeks and thought – Oh, I’ve not been very productive. But that’s not entirely true.

First off, I’ve been writing reports. In Spanish. And some reports in English. It’s been moderately time consuming. I’ve also been creating (and marking) my own exam papers. This term, more than previous ones, I made an effort to create a fair few of the questions myself, rather than just cutting and pasting them from teacher book exam papers, and I’m quite happy with the results.

Secondly, I’ve made the discovery that writing poetry on a whiteboard is actually a really good place to do it. I spend so much of my working day using the medium of whiteboards to express meaning, and shuffling things around and making it look understandable that when I taught haikus to my Advanced Class yesterday, I actually found it quite easy to cut and move words around and get what I wanted to say. I think I need to buy a little one for myself.

Here they are.

Like my scarf wrap me

Mist covers the cold still streets

The warmth of my breath


The hardbacks are quiet

Small rooms coated in old dust

The doorbell rings once

Obviously, it’s no where near that cold now. You can smell spring on the air, and buds are forming… lovely. On the subject of haikus, here’s a link to some topical news.

Thirdly, I’ve been learning bits of Japanese, and doing “E-Training” for Westgate, the company I’m working for in Japan. I still don’t know where I’m going in Japan, but hopefully I’ll find out within the week.

And finally, I’ve been making the most of my last few weeks left in Barcelona. And tied in with this… Comedy. I did some Stand-up Comedy on the 12th, and it went very well. The guy who was on before me massively over-ran (he was told “three minutes”. He did 15. Backstage, it felt like about 25), so I only had a short set, but got a lot of laughs.

So, against a great deal of my better judgement, I thought I’d post one or two of  jokes here. They’re total groaners, gathered from friends over the last few years.

Feel this. (girl touches shirt) That’s boyfriend material.

The 7 dwarfs all jump into a hot bath after a long day. After about 10 minutes, they all feel Sleepy.

Recently, a mate of mine fell into an industrial grinding machine. He’s fine now.

What do you call a cyclops in a leotard? Onesie!

Aren’t you the guy who invented Tippex? Correct me if I’m wrong.

What’s pink and wrinkly and hangs out your pyjamas? Your Mum!


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