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Some of you may be wondering who the devil this Matt Ridgewell character is. My real name is Matthew Watson Jones. Matt Ridgewell is my pseudonym, that I’ve decided to use for my writing *.


Me and BCN
Me and BCN


I’m an English language teacher (and celebrated Nose Flautist) living and working in Japan and Barcelona. I’m also an aspiring writer, and the idea behind this blog is to have a place to post my creative output, be it poetry, short stories, extracts from longer works, or just anything I’ve created myself.

In theory, there will be posts every two weeks, or if you’re lucky, more frequently. In practice, this has slipped to at least one post a month. Down the side is a menu where you can see all the posts made in certain months, and I’m determined not to let a whole month pass without a post.

“Good Morning Mister Magpie” is a reference to a tradition that still lives, scattered around rural areas of England. Some people might remember the rhyme for magpies; “one for sorrow, two for joy…” Magpies reputedly “marry” for life, meaning if you see one magpie on it’s own, it’s a sad thing, and eventually become an unlucky thing too. However, you can cancel that bad luck on seeing a solitary magpie by saying “Good Morning/Afternoon Mister Magpie, Where’s/How’s your Lovely Wife?” By implying a second ‘pie, you don’t get the bad luck associated with one.


Thank you for taking the time to read, and please don’t post my writing anywhere else without my permission.

If you want to go back to the beginning, this is where I got started.

* “Ridgwell” is my grandmother’s maiden name. Her father wrote a book about his experiences as the British Ambassador to (British) Guyana. My paternal grandfather Peter Watson Jones wrote books as well, on local and family history.

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