Merry Christmas y’all!

As I predicted, I’ve been jolly busy doing busy things at home. When I’ve not been busy, I seem to have been ill, twice. Still, I promised a more substantial post in December, so here it is.

A New Year is about to hit us, and for me, it’s a strange mix of old and new. I’m going back to Barcelona, a step that has surprised a few friends and family. They’ve seen me as Matt; International Traveller (I especially like the semi-colon),


so they find it odd that I’m planning on spending a year or more somewhere I’ve already been. Well, when I was about to go to Japan, a friend asked me, “Where next after Japan?” and I came to the realisation that I only really wanted to visit Japan. I also only really wanted to learn Spanish and Japanese. “Well, there’s other Spanish speaking countries…” Yes, there are, and one day I’ll probably go, but for now, I want a life in Barcelona.

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Short Break

Hey Blog Fans!

Just to let you know that I’ve got a term to finish, packing up to do, cleaning, moving house (twice, or more), jetlag, my cousin’s wedding, my aunt’s 60th birthday, jobhunting, and of course Christmas and New Year, posts may be sporadic over the December period. I can guarantee you one more post this month…. but don’t hold your breath for more.

Be back soon, hopefully re-located!