Good news, I’m healthy again. What is more, I have a new keyboard for my laptop. It’s a  bit clunky on the keys, and I have to use a bit more force, but it works. Which is ace, as my laptop is slowly dying on me, and I’ve been doing most of my recent typing from my 5-year-old one…. which isn’t as bad as it sounds, as without internet, there’s less to distract me.

Today, I’ve finished off the comic Byron-style poem I was writing for my friend, but I can’t post that here until she’s seen it first, so I’ll just find you a few little tidbits.  You’ll hopefully also be pleased to know that the short stories are coming along gradually, and so they should emerge soon.

Here’s an old poem that I wrote when I was writing my final exams at university…. yes, it’s that old, but I can’t bring myself to change a word, so it must be “finished”.


aexam pen

Like oil compacted for aeons

under the earth, then realised in a torrent,


so years of learning and weeks of cramming

find their vent on the white page,

aaipressure of knowledge released

aaiin a flood of ideas and ink


aaiamongst a quiet desert of scribbles.



And, if you’re hankering for something a little more recent, here’s a little Haiku riddle I wrote on the metro last night.  It’s called “y/í”


A word to describe

colourful art by that man;

his melty lizard.


Good luck with that one. See you Midweek, hopefully with my Byron-style poem.

P.S. You can answer the riddle in the comments, if you want. If you want to have a go at it first, don’t read the comments!

“Beach Pebbles” and Audience Participation

Good morning good morning. I’ve got several projects underway, but unfortunately, none of them is near enough to comletion yet. Since I’m about to go out and relax on the beach all day (don’t worry, I’m taking my notebook!), I thought I’d post this old one. It’s one I’m very fond of, but there’s one line I’m not completely happy with.

I’m confident this won’t shatter me totally, but here’s a challenge for you, the reader. Try to guess the line I’m unhappy with, and if you can, give a reason. Post in the comments. And if I’ve told you before what the “bad” line is, then send me a message or something somewhere else. You’ll spoil the fun.

Hopefully, it’ll be an exercise in going back over a work I was comfortable with and making it BETTER – so don’t hold back.

Beach Pebbles


Beach Pebbles


I realise it has always been this way,
The bill is handed over me, to you.
Directions given that I understand,
but given to your face, which blankly nods.

He’s taller, someone says;
it’s more than that,
as on the beach, we peck for
the smoothest stones.

The light is fading
but we don’t notice.
The chill wind forgotten,
cool sunlight on your face.

Unstudied, casual, your arm
curves with the stone
– the little discus takes aim
and rises over crashing foam

and patting, patting, defying,
its spinning curve lifts
Against all nature, flying,
cresting the next white drift,

then gone.
A skill I have never possessed,
We laugh at the sinking failure
When I follow in your steps.

Listening to your smiling eyes,
Your silhouette between, below
the setting sun and blue horizon,
I face the truth that there is
something comfortable in your shadow.