Stand Up Build Up

I don’t like posting when it’s just a series of excuses.

Instead, I’m going to instigate another 40 hours in 30 days in June.

And I’m also going to say that, while my other kinds of fiction have done very little over the last 5 or so weeks, I have been working on my stand up comedy. I performed a week and a half ago, to an audience of higher-ups in the EFL teaching career path – book-writers and bloggers and much more professional teachers than myself who attended a conference. My boss had me perform at the end of the drunken dinner at the end of the day – a cross between my stand up (all the teaching and language jokes) and and after dinner speech (including topical references to the day’s conferencing). Everyone said I did a really good job, and it was a great end to the day, so it’s boosted my confidence ahead of us performing in a week or two. Again, I don’t like posting my jokes on here, especially since so much of it is about delivery…

… but I’ll be more prolific again soon, I’m pretty sure.


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