Bad Fiction please

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When you last met your intrepid hero (i.e., me), I’d just moved back to Barcelona. I’ve now been back for a month. Things are progressing, gradually, but perhaps a little too gradually for my taste. I’ve building up work hours and now that I’ve got (nearly) enough hours as a solid base, I plan to fill the rest of my timetable with private classes.
As to finding a place to live, I’ve not gotten far. I’ve seen a few places, but none quite good enough or cheap enough… so I’ve gone back to finding more work so I know what I can afford…. well, I’ll get there slowly.

The one thing that’s gone appallingly slowly is my writing. Even though I’m getting hours of train-riding time (and consequently, a fair bit of reading done), my writing is progressing at a snail’s pace. When I have sat down to write, the products have been a bit depressingly bad.

I’m still getting accustomed to my new Mac, and that is definitely half of the excuse. The other half is that, even though I haven’t been teaching full weeks, I’ve been leaving the house at 9am and getting home at 10.30pm… so I’m not finding the energy to sit down and write.

My new plan to increase my writing output is to read some truly BADLY-WRITTEN fiction. At the moment, I’m reading some good books, and I’m enjoying them, but there’s nothing better than reading a good story badly written to bring out some indignant inspiration in me: “I could do better than this!” “And this author got PUBLISHED?? Then I can DEFINITELY get published!” That should work. With that in mind, please send me some recommendations.

More to follow on this post.


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