Bits and Pieces

You’ve finished your book;
that alone is proof to me
that time is passing.

Hey guys.

The above haiku is one I wrote a month or so ago, and I was quite fond of it. I still am, but now I find it strange that, when re-reading it, it seems to have a different emotion to the one I had when I wrote it. I suppose the difference is it at what moment time stops – either it’s an endless bore or an endless pleasure. So perhaps that’s the reason I’m so fond of it, because one of the ways I identify a good poem is that it says different things to different people – well, this one says two different things to one person, so that’s got to be a good start.

This week has been a slower week for writing because it’s been a busier week for work, and, when I spend all day with tired students, I have to maintain a constant flow of enthusiasm and energy and keep trying to uplift them so they pay attention and actually learn something. As a result, if I find the time to sit down with a pen and a notebook during the day, ideas flow, and I can even do some research towards a story I’ve been brewing. But, when I get home, I often find I’ve spent all my energy and just slob in front of my computer. Hence why (my mother will be disappointed but not surprised) my apartment is a state, and I’ve been exclusively eating meals that take 5 minutes or less to prepare.

Now I take a certain sadistic pleasure in being messy, but even I get grossed out when it crosses a line and I start living in filth. And also, although I’m not the best, I genuinely enjoy cooking – especially when I’m doing it in a creative way, without a recipe, learning what works.

So today I’ve stayed at home. I’ve not explored any new parts of Japan, or visited anything exciting. I needed the rest, and I definitely needed to clean up. I’ve cooked myself a half-decent though very strange meal.

I thought this week I’d put up some of the little pieces of writing I’ve done. Some of them date back over a year, but none of them deserve a blog post on their own. So, don’t think of them as all stanzas of a  longer entity. They’re individual works:


Crying lady in the dress
at half past nine
sitting under a lamppost,
I didn’t get up to help you

I sat and wrote this

then you got up and walked off.
So that’s OK.



“Chivalry ain’t dead,”
he said, with a flick of his head;
when he offered to wed
she smiled instead
and led him to bed



At the petrol station
Without you
I emerge from the conditioned interior
To a cold reality
Exhausted from images
When I drove
You gave bad directions
Your hand on the gushing pump
And viscous sobs on the hard shoulder

Your tears fill me up.
They keep me going.

No pretty picture this week. See you again soon with more.


One thought on “Bits and Pieces”

  1. Crying lady in the dress – I found this funny enough to laugh out loud in the quiet computer room at uni. Not sure it’s meant to be funny, but I definitely like it.

    Modern – is very cool. And glib. In a good way.

    Empty – doesn’t have any personal resonance with me, but good and probably needs another read as I’m not sure I’ve got it.

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