Back to Japan; The Nothing Days

Hello! I’m back in Japan,

Osaka in the rain

and the place is much the same, only colder and a bit wetter. I’ve been told this rain is to get all the humidity out of the air at the end of the summer, and then autumn gets much nicer. It’s my first day at my new campus tomorrow, and any news you want on Japan can show up later.

I’m in a position where I’m behind. Now I’m always behind on the blog. But what’s great about this behind is that it’s the other way as well. I have a huge backlog of half written materials sitting in notebooks on buried on this computer that I need to find, write, re-write, edit, and post online. With a bit of perseverance, I can scrub this stuff down and get some interesting stories and poetry out of them.

Bizarrely, looking through my notebook, a lot of the stuff I wrote while working was a bit depressing, and almost entirely poetry. I’ve hesitated to fix it up and post it because I feel it looks like I’ve had a really sad time. Well, I haven’t – if I had, I wouldn’t be back here, you know? Then there’s the stuff I wrote on holiday, and a lot of it was story ideas and things that happened to me. Finally, near the end of the book, there’s some surreal fiction and poetry. Some of this could take months to get written.

And of course, I still have a few Tales From Japan to get through. Things I’ve learnt there.  I’ve delayed posting them because, as it got to the last week before returning, I thought I might as well wait to gather more evidence of my arguments.

Anyway, better a shoddy post up than no post at all. Here’s one of those more negative poems mentioned above for you:

The Nothing Days


When the week flies by
but the day drags on?
Those are the dreaded
Nothing Days.
Each tedious hour
crawls to the next,
you gasp for a break
and beg for air

but it’s Thursday,
Where did Wednesday go,
or Tuesday
for that matter?

It didn’t matter.
Nothing of note,
your wily brain
chose to ignore it,
to wipe it – so now,
that crawling slog
flew by.

The Nothing Days –
I despise them.
For what is life
without memories?
What done, what earned,
what point?

Bring me days that fly by
and weeks that last all month –
then we’ll talk.


5 thoughts on “Back to Japan; The Nothing Days”

  1. The time there sounds similar to here with the days taking ages but flying through in succession to the weekends. I do occasionally find them to be nothing days, but try to contextualize then to the routine of life. It’s comforting to find others with similar experiences and thoughts about it.

  2. I know I’ve said this by email, but I still think that the end of this poem is positive. It shows a willingness to break the routine and the nothing days and go out and do stuff, which I find pretty uplifting. Top post.

    1. Osaka’s a great place to visit in Japan. It helps that it’s just a short train journey from Kyoto and Nara, too, so you can experience the old Japan and the new one at the same time.
      Best times of year to visit anyway in Japan (or at least Honshu, the largest island) are first Spring, and second Autumn.

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