Crash / Reboot

Bad news, chums.

About a week ago, while chatting merrily away on Skype, my computer blew a gasket, and no matter how quickly I turned the winding motor starter, it wouldn’t splutter out the black smoke it always used to.

No, it wasn’t even that old, despite the fun I can have inventing a steam-powered laptop.

It’s undergoing repair right now, and is going to need a new hard drive. The most important news, however, is that my writing (and photos) have been saved. When I get it back and running again, I’ll get some more writing up too…


Sounds like my computer’ll be fixed on Sunday, and I’ll have it back on Monday. I’ll give myself a couple of days off (to catch up on missed TV shows mostly), and then I’ll get back to my thousand words a day. Which, by the way, was going quite well.


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