The new regime has hit some early obstacles.

I’ve been away from home. Nothing new there, as in the last month, I’ve been to the Cotswolds, London, the Cotswolds again, Eccleshall, Leeds, Edinburgh, Eccleshall again, Manchester and now I’m off to London again.

I’ve also been sick. Not the trapped in bed unable to move sick, but the grumpy, fed up with things (especially my parents) kind of sick.

And then, to top it off, my computer overheats (yes! Overheats! In THIS weather?), so it’s off getting repaired. This edition is being brought to you by the Letter O, for Office Computer, that my father usually gets cross with me for using. There is a Farming Program open called Gatekeeper, and there is information about Winter Beans on the Hillwicket Field, not to mention Potatoes Early and Potatoes Maincrop. I shall try not to mess with them.

So this post is all about the Links on the sidebar on the right. The “If you like this…” section of the blog that I’ve recently posted.

I’ll start with Lomo y Queso. This is Spanish for Pork and Cheese, and is dead tasty in a baguette, eaten in Barcelona. It’s a blog posted by my flatmates in Barcelona, and sometimes I feature for a sentence or two. If you’ve not heard from me for several weeks, check there for the report on my funeral after the freak yachting accident. My flatmates are an English husband, a Chicagoan wife and their adorable 3 and a half year old daughter, Lily. They often post amazing Youtube videos where I feature for a second or two.

Second up is Mr Brown, a blog that has only just started but is sure to take off soon (nudge, nudge, Steve). Steve is a muser, a storyteller, and an excellent photographer, and his photos often tell stories that he can muse about, so that all links in pretty nicely. I’m sure if you all pop over and have a look, he’ll be encouraged to keep up the good work.

Angelic Dynamo, eh? What’s that when it’s at home? Why, it’s a Poetic Democracy! 3 poems by amateur poems go up each week, often with a similar theme, and we the readers get to choose which one makes it to the edition. Fun, although sometimes frustrating when the bad poet gets all his friends to vote for him. Like the Le Pen of poetry. Political commentary for you there. I’ve posted one poem there, once, and it didn’t win. I will post some more soon, so watch that space and this for notification of this.

Finally, there’s Ten Bandits. Not actually ten, but the work of one comic book artist, who up until very recently was posting a new comic book sketch every day. He has an excellent archive of pictures, and often takes requests, so give him a look up if art is your thing. Or superheroes. Or both.

There will be more links to come soon, when I get my computer back.

Hopefully, I’ll see you soon, but I might be away in London ’til Sunday afternoon, so don’t expect my next post ’til Monday.


One thought on “Links”

  1. Parents can be annoying can’t they?
    Personally, although I love my own mother dearly, I certainly wouldn’t want to live with her!
    In your case it’s probably just that although you are an adult, flopping around at home for too long reminds them of you as a teenager/ student so they tend to treat you as one.
    They love you to come home, miss you when you are gone, but don’t always find you easy to live with in between.

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