Pigs Can Fly

I know I use this as a place for literature, not personal updates, but I’m supposed to be mark an exam and writing some reports, so I think I’ll update you with some important news here.

I work at the largest summer camp in Europe. I think. If not, then it’s the largest one that teaches English. Anyway, a lot of kids have been getting fevers and not feeling very well. As a general precaution, the more serious kids are sent to the nearby hospital, and at Friday lunchtime, we learnt that one of them had swine flu.

Since then, 38 kids have been tested, and 33 of them have been cleared of anything. 5 are still undergoing tests. The problem is, with lots of kids coughing and dealing with ordinary types of flu, parents have panicked and come running to pick their kids up. Between yesterday evening and this morning, my class has reduced from 15 bright and eager-to-learn faces to 4 kids, sullen about how many have left. And I’m sullen as well. 2 of those have parents visiting tomorrow, to see how their kids are doing. They might be taken home too. Which would leave me with a class of two….

I’m fine, by the way. Even my heightened sense of hypochondria can’t detect anything wrong with me. I’m just sad that so many parents have withdrawn their kids from my class. My Drama project was going to be group singing, but now I think they’ll object to the 2/4 of them standing on the stage and singing. So it can be a play… I suppose.

I’m a little concerned that, with such a small class, my kids will get moved to the room of a more veteran teacher than myself and that I’ll be turfed out, and I’m more concerned about how to restructure my classes to include games for tiny numbers of kids, but I’ll cope.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated in my next post.

My Class
My Class

3 thoughts on “Pigs Can Fly”

  1. Update! One more gone. Three kids left. This one has a doctor for a parent, so I thought she’d stay, but apparently she has asthmatic family members, and they want to keep her home and isolate her so there’s no risk for them. Which I suppose is reasonable.

  2. No point getting swine flu on purpose… if / when it mutates you would no longer be immune!!
    How disappointing to lose most of a good class, I bet you would have been happy to get down to 3 of last year’s nightmare 9 year olds!

    Robbie Sankey will pick you up from Liverpool on Saturday… Flight arrival time?

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