Good news, I’m healthy again. What is more, I have a new keyboard for my laptop. It’s a  bit clunky on the keys, and I have to use a bit more force, but it works. Which is ace, as my laptop is slowly dying on me, and I’ve been doing most of my recent typing from my 5-year-old one…. which isn’t as bad as it sounds, as without internet, there’s less to distract me.

Today, I’ve finished off the comic Byron-style poem I was writing for my friend, but I can’t post that here until she’s seen it first, so I’ll just find you a few little tidbits.  You’ll hopefully also be pleased to know that the short stories are coming along gradually, and so they should emerge soon.

Here’s an old poem that I wrote when I was writing my final exams at university…. yes, it’s that old, but I can’t bring myself to change a word, so it must be “finished”.


aexam pen

Like oil compacted for aeons

under the earth, then realised in a torrent,


so years of learning and weeks of cramming

find their vent on the white page,

aaipressure of knowledge released

aaiin a flood of ideas and ink


aaiamongst a quiet desert of scribbles.



And, if you’re hankering for something a little more recent, here’s a little Haiku riddle I wrote on the metro last night.  It’s called “y/í”


A word to describe

colourful art by that man;

his melty lizard.


Good luck with that one. See you Midweek, hopefully with my Byron-style poem.

P.S. You can answer the riddle in the comments, if you want. If you want to have a go at it first, don’t read the comments!


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